International Law for International Relations

International Law for International Relations

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The breadth of international law and institutions in contemporary global politics means it is no longer possible to make sense of international politics without understanding international law. International Law for International Relations provides students with comprehensive coverage that maps out the different ways to approach the study of international law. It explains the institutions and main sources of international law-making and identifies the key
topics of international law. This is the ideal text for students of international relations who have not previously studied law and post-graduate students of any background tackling international law for the first time. The complexities of international law are presented in an accessible, animated way allowing
students to appreciate the significance of international law in international relations.

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Table of Contents:
Part 1: Studying International Law
International Law and International Relations: Foundations for Interdisciplinary Study
Perspectives on International Law in International Relations
Basic Principles of International Law: A Historical Perspective
Perspectives on International Relations in International Law
Part 2: Identifying International Law
International Treaties
Customary International Law
Non-governmental Organisations and International Law
International Courts and Tribunals
Part 3: Topics in International Law
States and International Law: The Problems of Self-determination, Secession and Recognition
Use of Force in International Law
International Humanitarian Law
International Criminal Law
International Human Rights Law
International Law for Environmental Protection
World Trade and International Law
Global Social Justice and International Law
International Law in International Relations: What are the prospects for the future?