International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights: The Berne Convention and Beyond

International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights

The Berne Convention and Beyond
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Publisher: OUP Oxford
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No. of pages:1184 pages
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Table of Contents:
I: History and Development of International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Conventions
The Development of International Copyright Relations
Origins of the Berne Convention
The Subsequent Development of the Berne Convention, 1886-1971
Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Come of Age: Digitization and International Trade
II: Preliminary Matters: Berne and Related Agreements in the Framework of Public International Law
Treaty Interpretation and the Concept of Union
III: The Berne Convention and Beyond
Fundamentals of Protection
Authorship and Ownership
Works Protected by the Convention
Duration of Protection
The Rights Protected by the Convention
The Rights of Reproduction, Adaptation, and Distribution
Rights of Communication to the Public
Restrictions on the Exercise of Rights: Limitations and Exceptions
New International Obligations
Developing Countries
Administrative and Financial Provisions
Membership, Territory, and Application of the Berne Convention and Later Agreements
IV: Other Conventions on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
The Berne Convention and other Related International Conventions on Copyright
The Berne Convention and Neighbouring Rights
V: Private International Law Aspects of International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Protection
Private International Law Matters: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law