Heirloom Skills: A Complete Guide to Modern Homesteading

Heirloom Skills

A Complete Guide to Modern Homesteading
Publisher: Skyhorse
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Number of Volumes: Hardback
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No. of pages:336 pages
Size:228x190x30 mm
Weight:1067 g
Illustrations: Color photos throughout
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100 ways to embrace the simple life, with step-by-step instructions for keeping chickens, growing vegetables, making beer and wine, arranging flowers, soap making, and more!&&&10;&&&10;This is a home-management book for the twenty-first century. Alva Herdevall and Anders Rydell combine traditional methods with modern ideas to show that a higher degree of self-sufficiency is possible for everyone. You will learn the secrets of beekeeping, how to grow your own cut flowers, and how to bake a perfect loaf of sourdough. Discover how easy it is to churn butter, make your own yogurt, and raise chickens for meat and eggs. Turn rhubarb stalks into refreshing summer wine, perfect your compost pile, and make decadent and nontoxic skin creams. &&&10;
  • Keep chickens
  • Grow and arrange flowers
  • Raise bees
  • Make soap
  • Grow fresh veggies
  • Can and ferment your produce
  • Make sourdough bread
  • And more!
Complete with gorgeous photos throughout, this book is sure to inspire you or the homesteader in your life to expand your repertoire of heirloom skills. &&&10;&&&10;&&&160;