Hegel in A Wired Brain

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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No. of pages:208 pages
Size:198x129 mm
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A new, radical Zizekian reading of Hegel - the man and his work - to mark 250 years since his birth.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: "Un jour, peut
-?tre, le si?cle sera hégélien"1. The Digital Police State: Fichte's Revenge on Hegel2. The Idea of a Wired Brain and its Limitation3. The Impasse of Soviet Tech
-Gnosis4. Singularity: the Gnostic Turn5. The Fall that Makes Us Like God6. Reflexivity of the Unconscious7. A Literary Fantasy: the Unnamable Subject of SingularityA Treatise on Digital ApocalypseIndex