Guide to Ruminant Anatomy ? Dissection and Clinical Aspects: Dissection and Clinical Aspects
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Guide to Ruminant Anatomy ? Dissection and Clinical Aspects

Dissection and Clinical Aspects
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Guide to Ruminant AnatomyFamiliarize yourself with the anatomy of ruminants and food animals with this up-to-date guideGuide to Ruminant Anatomy provides a richly illustrated guide tailored to the practical needs of veterinary clinicians. Divided for ease of use into sections representing different parts of the ruminant body, this in-depth introduction uses real dissection images to familiarize readers in detail with the internal and external anatomy of caprine, ovine, and bovine animals. It provides an outstanding demonstration of the relevance of anatomy in clinical settings.Guide to Ruminant Anatomy readers will also find:* Practical clinical applications discussed by board certified clinicians in each chapter* Line drawings corresponding to dissection images of embalmed specimens* Learning objectives in each section, tying key concepts to clinician development* A companion website featuring laboratory videos demonstrating relevant anatomyGuide to Ruminant Anatomy is an essential guide for veterinary students studying anatomy of food animals, as well as veterinary practitioners of all kinds looking for an easy-to-use reference on ruminant anatomy.