Google Rules: The History and Future of Copyright Under the Influence of Google

Google Rules

The History and Future of Copyright Under the Influence of Google
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Blockbuster lawsuits, artificial intelligence, backroom deals, millions in lobbying dollars and grand Silicon Valley idealism - the story of Google and copyright law is action-packed.

By tracing Google's legal, commercial and political negotiations over copyright, Google Rules explains how Google became one of the most influential actors in the history of digital copyright. Today, Google reigns over a technological and economic order that features empowered private companies and rapidly changing technological conditions, and how to protect the public interest in this environment is one of the most pressing policy questions of our time. In Google Rules,
Joanne E. Gray provides pragmatic strategies for taking up this challenge.

Google Rules is a book that will appeal to anyone interested in understanding Google's accumulation of power, the recent history of digital copyright, or the future of our digital lives under the influence of an extremely powerful and motivated technology company.
Table of Contents:
CHAPTER 1 A Brief History of Digital Copyright and Google: Politics, Ideologies and Agendas
CHAPTER 2 The Value and Function of Copyright: Why the Copyright Debate Matters to us All
CHAPTER 3 'Innovate First, Permission Later': Google's Copyright Policy Agenda
CHAPTER 4 Google vs. The Copyright Tradition: Litigating 'Innovate First, Permission Later'
CHAPTER 5 The Problems of Google News in Europe
CHAPTER 6 Google's Private Copyright Rule-Making and Algorithmic Enforcement
CHAPTER 7 From Access to Monopoly: The Results and Complexities of Google's Copyright Logic
CHAPTER 8 Conclusion: Achieving Public Interest Outcomes in a Digital Environment Dominated by Monopolistic Technology Firms