Fungi of Temperate Europe
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No. of pages:1708 pages
Size:292x190 mm
Illustrations: 7,000 color illus.

Fungi of Temperate Europe

Publisher: Princeton University Press
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An unprecedented two-volume exploration of the fungi of temperate Europe

Fungi of Temperate Europe is one of the most comprehensive mycological guides ever published. Featuring more than 7,000 photographs, this lavish two-volume set treats more than 2,800 species of fungi across the region.

Including agarics, boletes, chanterelles and morels but also more obscure groups such as cyphelloids, cup fungi, pyrenomycetous fungi and hysterioids, this guide takes an unprecedentedly broad approach to communicating fungal diversity. All species are illustrated with one or more photographs and information is given on morphology, ecology and distribution within temperate Europe. Furthermore, 1,500+ species are discussed as potential look-alikes. The books are divided into eighty ?form groups,? each starting with an innovative comparison wheel with guiding photos, distinguishing characteristics and drawings of essential microscopic features. Poisonous and edible species are colour coded within the text.

Revealing the world of fungi in all its splendour, Fungi of Temperate Europe is a must-have resource for any amateur or professional mycologist.

? 7,000+ photographs across 1,700 pages
? Colourful, up-close photos unrivaled by other mycological guides
? Coverage for 2,800+ fungal species
? Innovative and accessible system of identification

"This is a really practical book that will be a boon to field mycologists, especially in temperate regions. . . . something all field mycologists who see it will want to have on the bench near their microscopes when making identifications. The authors are to be congratulated on this truly remarkable achievement, making their many years of practical experience in macrofungal identification available to mycologists at large."