From Anthropology to Social Theory: Rethinking the Social Sciences

From Anthropology to Social Theory

Rethinking the Social Sciences
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:294 pages
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A rethinking of contemporary social theory that provides a vision about the modern world through key ideas developed by 'maverick' anthropologists.

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Presenting a ground-breaking revitalization of contemporary social theory, this book revisits the rise of the modern world to reopen the dialogue between anthropology and sociology. Using concepts developed by a series of 'maverick' anthropologists who were systematically marginalised as their ideas fell outside the standard academic canon, such as Arnold van Gennep, Marcel Mauss, Paul Radin, Lucien L&&&233;vy-Bruhl and Gregory Bateson, the authors argue that such concepts are necessary for understanding better the rise and dynamics of the modern world, including the development of the social sciences, in particular sociology and anthropology. Concepts discussed include liminality, imitation, schismogenesis and trickster, which provide an anthropological 'toolkit' for readers to develop innovative understandings of the underlying power mechanisms of globalized modernity. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, the book is clearly structured. Part I introduces the 'maverick' anthropologists, while Part II applies the maverick tool-kit to revisit the history of sociological thought and the question of modernity.

'This book examines thinkers whose work has been fossilised, forgotten or rendered insignificant by subsequent misreadings and provides us with histories of those misreadings and elisions while saliently indicating the profound theoretical capital for social analysis that has been squandered by those practices.' Glenn Bowman, Emeritus Professor of Socio-Historical Anthropology, University of Kent
Table of Contents:
Introduction: rethinking social theory with anthropology; Part I. Maverick Anthropologists: 1. Arnold van Gennep: liminal rites and the rhythms of life; 2. Gabriel Tarde and Ren&&&233; Girard: imitation and the foundations of social life; 3. Marcel Mauss: from sacrifice to gift
-giving or revisiting foundations; 4. Lucien L&&&233;vy
-Bruhl and Colin Turnbull: participation, experience, and home; 5. Paul Radin: the trickster; 6. Gregory Bateson and Johan Huizinga: Schismogenesis and play; 7. Victor Turner: liminal experiences as the grounding of social theory; Part II. Rethinking Modernity and Its Sociology: 8. A reflexive political anthropology of sociology; 9. A reflexive political anthropology of modernity.