Folding Polyhedra Kit 4: Multi-Triangles: Multi-Triangles

Folding Polyhedra Kit 4: Multi-Triangles

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Publisher: Schiffer Craft
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Product details:

No. of pages:20 pages
Size:210x210 mm
Illustrations: 40 illus
Long description:
A complete modular paper-folding kit. Create six three-dimensional, geometric, modular, origami structural models using precut triangular paper and simple corner-to-corner and side folds. You will learn to fold incredible models from Alexander Heinz's book, Folded Forms. The projects in this kit are created from folding edge to edge and corner to corner the combination of two different triangular folded modules that are connected to create the geometric model. The kit has everything you need to create exquisite triangles, including over 400 sheets of triangular folding papers in both white and red. It also features a 20-page booklet of instructions for folding six triangular modular forms with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and colourful photographs. The models in the kit are child-friendly for ages eight and up. There is no complex folding -- simple folds are all you need to create forms that look like complicated sculptures. Expand your creativity threshold and understanding of geometric forms through creating paper sculptural forms. Includes Models: R-Models (14-Side, 20-Side, 32-Side); S-Model (12-Side, 14-Side); T-Model (14:Side).