Florida Day Hikes

A Folding Guide to Easy & Accessible Trails
Publisher: Waterford Press
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No. of pages:12 pages
Size:210x95 mm
Illustrations: 20 Illustrations, unspecified; 12 Illustrations, color; 20 Halftones, color
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Florida has 1,200 miles of coast and that includes estuaries, mango swamps and reefs with thousands of inland freshwater lakes and an amazing array of species. Hikers can find almost any outdoor experience in the Sunshine State, including fantastic wildlife and waterfowl viewing opportunities. Florida Day Hikes is a comprehensive, laminated guide that is packed full of planning tips, maps, and what to expect at 20 family-friendly, wheelchair-accessible hiking trails. Can you bring your dog? Are there accessible facilities? What are the trail surfaces? Directions, parking access, and trail length are also included. Hikes are within driving distance from cities and major communities. Made in the USA.