Ferns and Lycophytes of Minnesota: The Complete Guide to Species Identification
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Ferns and Lycophytes of Minnesota

The Complete Guide to Species Identification
Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press
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The definitive field guide for understanding and identifying ferns and lycophytes in Minnesota


Rapid advances in DNA studies have given scientists new understandings of ferns and lycophytes, making books published only a decade ago now obsolete. Ferns and Lycophytes of Minnesota is the first comprehensive presentation of these oldest of land plants in Minnesota. Welby R. Smith, Minnesota state botanist, thoroughly developed this essential guide for anyone interested in learning about and identifying these ubiquitous plants that have fascinated people for centuries.

Found in forests, prairies, marshes, and lakes throughout the state, ferns and lycophytes are marvelously adaptive, allowing them to inhabit and thrive in unique ecological niches, including native plant gardens. Created for natural resource professionals as well as avid gardeners, hikers, and naturalists at all levels, this easy-to-use reference enables the quick and reliable identification of each of the one hundred species of ferns and lycophytes that grow wild in Minnesota.

Illustrated with more than four hundred original photographs, primarily by Richard W. Haug, this complete and up-to-date field guide includes information about how to distinguish closely related species as well as details about the ecology, distribution, and phenology of each species.

"This book is a must have for any plant enthusiast."—Terrace Horticulture Books