European Union Politics
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European Union Politics

Edition number: 7
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Written by experts, this is the most complete, issues-led textbook on European Union politics. With contemporary issues and debates presented alongside thorough coverage of the theory, institutions, policies, and history of the EU, European Union Politics effortlessly guides students to a clear understanding of this complex area.

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European Union Politics is the most complete and issues-led introductory textbook on the European Union. Written by an expert team of contributors, it fully equips students to understand the European Union and the topical debates that surround it.

Alongside rigorous coverage of the theory, institutions, and policies of the EU, the book engages with contemporary debates, and current crises. The seventh edition has been substantially updated, with significantly revised chapters on Brexit and the CJEU, as well as two new chapters covering the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the European migration and refugee crisis.

The text's accessible writing style makes it the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to fully understand the workings of this complex and ever-evolving system. Throughout the book, students are supported by helpful learning features, including key points, questions, and examples.

Digital formats and resources

The seventh edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats.

The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access, along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support:

In addition to supportive learning features within the book, the text is accompanied by online resources designed to help students to take their learning further.

For students:
- Test your knowledge of the chapter material and receive instant feedback with multiple choice questions
- Revise key terms and concepts with a flashcard glossary
- Prepare for assessments with help from the revision guide
- Expand your knowledge of the EU's member states with an interactive timeline of the EU
- Conduct further research with relevant web links to additional reliable content

For registered adopters of the text:
- Reinforce key themes from each chapter with suggested seminar and essay questions
- Use the adaptable PowerPoint slides as the basis for lecture presentations or as hand-outs in class

I cannot think of a better introduction to the main topics in European Union Politics. The book covers all relevant parts of the EU including the history, theory, institutions, and main policies.
Table of Contents:
The European Union: Establishment and Development
Carrying the EU Forward: the Era of Lisbon
Theorizing the European Union after Integration Theory
Governance in the European Union
Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union
The European Commission
The European Council and the Council of the European Union
The European Parliament
The Court of Justice of the European Union
Interest Groups and the European Union
Citizens and Public Opinion in the European Union
Policy-making in the European Union
Trade and Development Policies
The European Union's Foreign, Security, and Defence Policies
The Single Market
The Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice
Economic and Monetary Union
The Common Agricultural Policy
Environmental Policy
The Euro Crisis and European Integration
The European Migration and Refugee Crisis
COVID-19 and the European Union
The Future of the EU