Diminishing Returns: The New Politics of Growth and Stagnation

Diminishing Returns

The New Politics of Growth and Stagnation
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No. of pages:448 pages
Size:240x160x35 mm
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Illustrations: 57 line drawings; 27 tables
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Table of Contents:
List of Contributors
Introduction: Rethinking Comparative Capitalism
Lucio Baccaro, Mark Blyth and Jonas Pontusson
Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives
Chapter 1: Growth Models and Post Keynesian Macroeconomics
Engelbert Stockhammer and Özlem Onaran
Chapter 2: From Fordism to Franchise: Intellectual property and growth models in the Knowledge Economy
Herman Mark Schwartz
Chapter 3: Four Galtons and a Minsky: Growth Models from an IPE Perspective
Herman Mark Schwartz and Mark Blyth
Part 2: Growth Models at Scale
Chapter 4: The Political Economy of the Eurozone's Post-Crisis Growth Model
Alison Johnston and Matthias Matthijs
Chapter 5: China's Growth Models in Comparative and International Perspective
Yeling Tan and James Conran
Chapter 6: The Politics of Growth Model Switching: Why Latin America Tries, and Fails, to Abandon Commodity-Driven Growth
Jazmin Sierra
Chapter 7: The FDI-led Growth Models of the East-Central and South-Eastern European Periphery
Cornel Ban and Dragos Adascalitei
Part 3: Country Case Studies
Chapter 8: Credit and Consumption-Led Growth Models in the United States and United Kingdom
Alexander Reisenbichler and Andreas Wiedemann
Chapter 9: The Political-Economic Foundations of Export-led Growth: An Analysis of the German Case
Lucio Baccaro and Martin Höpner
Chapter 10: Rebalancing Balanced Growth: The Evolution of the Swedish Growth Model since the mid- 1990s
Lennart Erixon and Jonas Pontusson
Chapter 11: Growth and Stagnation in Southern Europe: The Italian and Spanish Growth Models Compared
Lucio Baccaro and Fabio Bulfone
Chapter 12: Global Capital and National Growth Models: The Cases of Ireland and Latvia
Dorothee Bohle and Aidan Regan
Part 4: Policies and Politics
Chapter 13: Financialization and Growth Regimes
Cornel Ban and Oddny Helgadóttir
Chapter 14: Political Parties and Growth Models
Jonathan Hopkin and Dustin Voss
Chapter 15: Growth Models Under Austerity
Evelyne Hübscher and Thomas Sattler
Chapter 16: Welfare States and Growth Models: Accumulation and Legitimation
Julia Lynch and Sara Watson
Chapter 17: Green Growth Models
Jonas Nahm