Democracy in Times of Pandemic: Different Futures Imagined

Democracy in Times of Pandemic

Different Futures Imagined
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Examines the most important democratic challenges of today, using the Covid-19 pandemic as a case study.

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The COVID-19&&&160;pandemic has presented an important case study, on a global scale, of how democracy works - and fails to work - today. From leadership to citizenship, from due process to checks and balances, from globalization to misinformation, from solidarity within and across borders to the role of expertise, key democratic concepts both old and new are now being put to the test. The future of democracy around the world is at issue as today's governments manage their responses to the pandemic. Bringing together some of today's most creative thinkers, these essays offer a variety of inquiries into democracy during the global pandemic with a view to imagining post-crisis political conditions. Representing different regions and disciplines, including law, politics, philosophy, religion, and sociology, eighteen voices offer different outlooks - optimistic and pessimistic - on the future.

'A wide-ranging and provocative debate on the current crisis - generating many insights that will endure long after the Pandemic fades away.' Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale University
Table of Contents:
Introduction: a new beginning Miguel Poiares Maduro and Paul W. Kahn; Part I. Power: 1. The crisis of democratic leadership in times of pandemic Neil Walker; 2. Executive overreach and underreach in the pandemic Kim Lane Scheppele and David Pozen; 3. From political accountability to criminal liability: the strange case of French penal populism Olivier Beaud; 4. Democracy and emergency in Latin America Roberto Gargarella; 5. Apocalyptic Christianity, democracy, and the pandemic Stanley Hauerwas; Part II. Knowledge: 6. The reckoning: evaluating democratic leadership&&&160;Michael Ignatieff; 7. The irrelevance of the pandemic Samuel Moyn; 8. Emergency, democracy and public discourse Moshe Halbertal; 9. Understanding, deciding, and learning: the key political challenges in times of pandemic Daniel Innerarity; Part III. Citizens: 10. COVID, Europe and the self
-asphyxiation of democracy J. H. H. Weiler; 11. Corona as chance: overcoming the tyranny of self
-interest Susan Neiman; 12. Re
-imagined democracy in times of pandemic Kalypso Nicola&&&239;des; 13. Redefining vulnerability and state
-society relationships during the COVID
-19 crisis: the politics of social welfare funds in India and Italy Deval Desai, Shalini Randeria and Christine Lutringer; 14. Democracy and the obligations of care: a demos worthy of sacrifice Paul W. Kahn.