Cosmopolitanism in Hard Times

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While each chapter seizes the dialectic of enlightenment and counter-enlightenment at work in the global world, the volume insists on the moral, intellectual, structural, and historical resources that still make cosmopolitanism a real possibility even in these hard times.

Long description:
This reference book provides the reader with an exhaustive array of epistemological, theoretical, and empirical explorations related to the field of cosmopolitanism studies. It considers the cosmopolitan perspective rather as a relevant approach to the understanding of some major issues related to globalization than as a subfield of global studies. In this unique contribution to conceptualizing, establishing, experiencing, and challenging cosmopolitanism, each chapter seizes the paradoxical dialectic of opening up and closing up, of enlightenment and counter-enlightenment, of hope and despair at work in the global world, while the volume as a whole insists on the moral, intellectual, structural, and historical resources that still make cosmopolitanism a real possibility ? and not just wishful thinking ? even in these hard times.

Contributors include: John Agnew, Daniele Archibugi, Paul Bagguley, Esperança Bielsa, Estev?o Bosco, Stéphane Chauvier, Daniel Chernilo, Vincenzo Cicchelli, VittorioCotesta, Stéphane Dufoix, David Held, Robert Holton, Yasmin Hussain, David Inglis, Lauren Langman, Pietro Maffettone, Sylvie Mesure, Magdalena Nowicka, Sylvie Octobre, Delphine Pag?s-El Karaoui, Massimo Pendenza, Alain Policar, Frédéric Ramel,
Laurence Roulleau-Berger, Hiro Saito, Camille Schmoll, Bryan S. Turner, Clive Walker, and Daniel J. Whelan.

With an Afterword by Arjun Appadurai.

"This landmark collection brings the idea of cosmopolitanism out of the world of elite taste, education and worldliness into the complexities of identity, justice, sovereignty and mobility in our own times. The authors offer a critical way out of the current global crises of political and epidemiological lockdown."

? Dr. Arjun Appadurai, New York University and The Hertie School, Berlin

"Timely and important, Cosmopolitanism in Hard Times is a comprehensive edited collection written by outstanding scholars that stands as a major contribution to cosmopolitanism studies. This is a must read-book."

? Professor Shujiro Yazawa, Hitotsubashi University and Seijo University, Tokyo

"As the world is caught up in a whirlwind of multiple crises, we desperately need to read this remarkable collection of essays, assemble by two outstanding scholars, that challenges us in understanding the world of strangers and sets out the case for a cosmopolitan approach to contemporary global politics."

? Professor Sari Hanafi, American University of Beirut, President of the International Sociological Association
Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations

List of Abbreviations

Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Splendors and Miseries of Cosmopolitanism

Vincenzo Cicchelli and Sylvie Mesure

Part 1: Conceptualizing Cosmopolitanism

1 The First Axial Age and the Origin of Universalism

Vittorio Cotesta

2 Kantian Cosmopolitanism

Stéphane Chauvier

3 Cosmopolitanism and Classical Sociology

David Inglis

4 Cosmopolitanism as a Siamese
- Twin Global Concept

Stéphane Dufoix

5 Ulrich Beck?s Critical Cosmopolitan Sociology

Estev?o Bosco

6 Cosmopolitanism is a Humanism

Daniel Chernilo

7 Human Rights and Dignity

Sylvie Mesure

8 From Subaltern Cosmopolitanism to Post
- Western Sociology

Laurence Roulleau

Part 2: Establishing Cosmopolitanism

9 Inequality and Global Justice

David Held and Pietro Maffettone

10 International Human Rights System

Daniel J. Whelan

11 Cosmopolitan Democracy

Daniele Archibugi

12 Cosmopolitanism and Multiculturalism

Alain Policar

13 Cosmopolitan Cities

Delphine Pag?s
-El Karoui

14 The Future That Europe Has Left Behind

Massimo Pendenza

Part 3: Experiencing Cosmopolitanism

15 Unpacking Cosmopolitan Memory

Hiro Saito

16 Hospitality, Cosmopolitanism, and Conviviality: On Relations with Others in Hostile Times

Magdalena Nowicka

17 International Mobility and Cosmopolitanism in the Global Age

Camille Schmoll

18 The Cosmopolitan Stranger

Esperança Bielsa

19 Aesthetico
- Cultural Cosmopolitanism

Sylvie Octobre

20 The Cosmopolitan Individual in Tension

Vincenzo Cicchelli

Part 4: Challenging Cosmopolitanism: a Fractured Cosmopolis

21 The Nation
- State in a Global World

John Agnew

22 Cosmopolitanism in an Age of Xenophobia and Ethnic Conflict

Paul Bagguley and Yasmin Hussain

23 Cosmopolitanism and Religion

Bryan S. Turner

24 The Dialectic of Populism and Cosmopolitanism

Lauren Langman

25 Terrorism as a Counter
- Cosmopolitanism

Clive Walker

26 Competition for Global Hegemony

Frédéric Ramel

27 Capitalism and Cosmopolitanism

Robert Holton