Chapel and Haeney?s Essentials of Clinical Immunology, 7th Edition

Chapel and Haeney?s Essentials of Clinical Immunology, 7th Edition

Series: Essentials;
Edition number: 7th Edition
Publisher: Wiley?Blackwell
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No. of pages:352 pages
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CHAPEL AND HAENEY'S ESSENTIALS OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGYThe Essentials are an international, best-selling series of textbooks, all of which are designed to support lecture series or themes on core topics within the health sciences. See for further details.The fully updated new edition of the classic textbook, introducing the pathophysiology and management of immunological disordersChapel and Haeney's Essentials of Clinical Immunology contains the knowledge necessary to understand the diagnosis and treatment of immunological disorders. With easy-to-read text and a wealth of colour clinical images and diagrams, this well-regarded textbook introduces complex concepts using effective pedagogical tools such as bulleted lists, key point boxes, real-life case studies, practical examples, figures and tables, chapter introductions, and keywords in bold integrated in each chapter.Fully updated throughout, the seventh edition provides up-to-date coverage of the clinical relevance that immunology has in medicine. These new and revised sections examine current research trends, the implementation of automation in laboratories, the emerging field of neuro-psychiatric disorders such as NMDA receptor encephalitis and more. This edition includes new end-of-chapter summaries, updated clinical information, additional real-life case histories illustrating key concepts, and linking immunological testing to diseases. The new edition also includes:* Covers the investigations required for diagnosis of immunological disorders and for management of patients* Describes what occurs when diagnosing conditions in real-world laboratories* Features case studies highlighting the connections between immunological theory and clinical cases* Includes an updated companion website that features: case studies, interactive questions, photographs, illustrations, web links and review articles from the journal Clinical and Experimental ImmunologyChapel and Haeney's Essentials of Clinical Immunology is an ideal resource for clinical medical students, junior doctors, medical residents and other medical professionals who are looking to expand or refresh their knowledge in clinical immunology, as well as being an excellent introductory textbook for undergraduate courses in the subject.For more information on the complete range of Wiley medical student and junior doctor publishing, please visit: www.wiley.comTo receive automatic updates on Wiley books and journals, join our email list. Sign up today at content reviewed by students for studentsWiley Medical Education books are designed exactly for their intended audience. All of our books are developed in collaboration with students. This means that our books are always published with you, the student, in mindIf you would like to be one of our student reviewers, go to to find out more.This title is also available as an e-book. For more details, please see