Building a Multiethnic Military in Post-Yugoslav Bosnia and Herzegovina

Building a Multiethnic Military in Post-Yugoslav Bosnia and Herzegovina

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On 1 January 2006, soldiers from across Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered to mark the official formation of a unified army; and yet, little over a decade before, these men had been each other's adversaries during the vicious conflict which left the Balkan state divided and impoverished. Building a Multi-Ethnic Military in Post-Yugoslav Bosnia and Herzegovina offers the first analysis of the armed forces during times of peace-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This sophisticated study assesses Yugoslav efforts to build a multi-ethnic military during the socialist period, charts the developments of the armies that fought in the war, and offers a detailed account of the post-war international initiatives that led to the creation of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At this point, the military became the largest multi-ethnic institution in the country and was regarded as a model for the rest of Bosnian society to follow. As such, as Elliot Short adroitly contends, this multi-ethnic army became the most significant act in stabilising the country since the end of the Bosnian War.

Drawing upon a wealth of primary sources - including interviews with leading diplomats and archival documents made available in English for the first time - this book explores the social and political role of the Bosnian military and in doing so provides fresh insight into the Yugoslav Wars, statehood and national identity, and peace-building in modern European history.
Table of Contents:
List of Illustrations
List of Maps
List of Acronyms
Foreword by Rohan Maxwell
Part I. Precursors
1. The Region before the Second World War
2. The Yugoslav People's Army
Part II. Components
3. The Army of Republika Srpska
4. The Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croat Defence Council
Part III. Construction
5. The Entity Armies, 1995-2002
6. The Orao Affair and Military Integration
7. The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina