Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law

Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law

Edition number: 9
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Table of Contents:
Part I: Preliminary Topics
The sources of international law
The relations of international and national law
Part II: Personality and Recognition
Subjects of international law
Creation and incidence of statehood
Recognition of states and governments
International organizations
Part III: Territorial Sovereignty
Forms of governmental authority over territory
Acquisition and transfer of territorial sovereignty
Status of territory: further problems
Part IV: Law of the Sea
The territorial sea and other maritime zones
Maritime delimitation and associated questions
Maritime transit and the regime of the high seas
Part V: The Environment and Natural Resources
Common spaces and co-operation in the use of natural resources
Legal aspects of the protection of the environment
Part VI: International Transactions
The law of treaties
Diplomatic and consular relations
Unilateral acts, acquiescience, and estoppel
Succession to rights and duties
Part VII: State Jurisdiction
Sovereignty and equality of states
Jurisdictional competence
Privileges and immunities of foreign states
Part VIII: Nationality and Related Concepts
The relations of nationality
Nationality of corporations and assets
Part IX: The Law of Responsibility
The conditions for international responsibility
Consequences of an internationally wrongful act
Multilateral public order and issues of responsibility
Part X: The Protection of Individuals and Groups
The international minimum standard: diplomatic protection and protection of investments
International human rights
International criminal justice
Part XI: Disputes
The claims process
Third-party settlement of international disputes
Use of threat of force by states