Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin: The Glider Pilots of World War II

Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin

The Glider Pilots of World War II
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
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No. of pages:288 pages
Size:234x153 mm
Weight:454 g
Illustrations: 16-page plate section in black & white
Long description:
The first major history of the American glider pilots, the forgotten heroes of World War II, by a New York Times bestselling author. A story of no guns, no engines and no second chances.

This book distills war down to individual young men climbing into defenseless gliders made of plywood, ready to trust the towing aircraft that would pull them into enemy territory by a cable wrapped with telephone wire. Based on their after-action reports, journals, oral histories, and letters home, this book reveals every terrifying minute of their missions.

They were all volunteers, for a specialized duty that their own government projected would have a 50 percent casualty rate. None faltered. In every major European invasion of the war they led the way. They landed their gliders ahead of the troops who stormed Omaha Beach, and sometimes miles ahead of the paratroopers bound for the far side of the Rhine River in Germany itself. From there, they had to hold their positions. They delivered medical teams, supplies and gasoline to troops surrounded in the Battle of the Bulge, ahead even of Patton's famous supply truck convoy. These all-volunteer glider pilots played a pivotal role in liberating the West from tyranny, from the day the Allies invaded Occupied Europe to the day Germany finally surrendered. Yet the story of these anonymous heroes is virtually unknown. Here it is told in full - a story which epitomizes courage and sacrifice.
Table of Contents:
Author's Notes

List of Illustrations
1. Guts and Gliders Wanted
2. Crashing is a Lonely Sound
3. "Prepare to Ditch"
4. Pea Patch Savior
5. Popcorn Popping
6. "The Germans Are Coming!"
7. "Our Men Were Lucky"
8. Like Hornets at a Church Cookout
9. They Were Invisible
10. The Hole in the Donut
11. Beyond Commendation
12. World War II's Orphans
13. Epilogue

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