Boards of Appeal of EU Agencies: Towards Judicialization of Administrative Review?

Boards of Appeal of EU Agencies

Towards Judicialization of Administrative Review?
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No. of pages:368 pages
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Table of Contents:
Between Added Value and Untapped Potential: The Boards of Appeal in the Field of EU Financial Regulation
The Boards of Appeal of Networked Services Agencies: Specialized Arbitrators of Transnational Regulatory Conflicts?
The Trailblazers: The Boards of Appeal of EUIPO and CPVO
The Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency at a Crossroads
The EASA Board of Appeal in Search of Identity: An Effective Filter Between Administration and Courts?
Hidden Administrative Review in EU Law: The BoAs of EU Agencies in the Common Foreign and Security Policy
Frontex: Great Powers but No Appeals
The Boards of Appeal as Hybrid Adjudicators: On Some Shortcomings of Article 58a of the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Rethinking the Position of the Boards of Appeal from a Comparative Perspective
Who Litigates Before the Boards of Appeal?
The Position of Boards of Appeal: Between Functional Continuity and Independence
Judicial and Extra-Judicial Review: The Quest for Epistemic Certainty
Boards of Appeal of EU Agencies and Article 47 of the Charter: Uneasy Bedfellows?