2): A Graphic Novel (the Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #2)
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No. of pages:128 pages
Size:231x159x8 mm
Weight:250 g


A Graphic Novel (the Dragon Prince Graphic Novel #2)
Edition number: 1
Publisher: Scholastic
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Every Moonshadow elf child knows the scary stories of the Bloodmoon
Huntress, the evil sorceress who steals your blood on the night
of the Harvest Moon. Everyone also knows those legends aren’t

But for young Rayla, whose parents recently left her behind to
fulfill their duty as members of the elite Dragonguard, this autumn
is scarier than most. Her guardians, Runaan and Ethari, are still
getting the hang of the whole parenting thing, and no one will
tell Rayla what Runaan does for a living. She spends most of her
time exploring the forest outside the Silvergrove.

When Rayla discovers a young Skywing elf in danger just hours
before the Harvest Moon will rise, the scary stories become real.

Can she stop the Huntress before the moon reaches its

Fans won’t want to miss this exclusive, original
graphic novel
from Peter Wartman and Felia Hanakata,
with story by The Dragon
 creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond!

  • Perfect for fans of the series

  • Full-colour illustrations inside

  • An original story set in the world of The Dragon Prince.

Long description:

Don't miss this original canon story set in the world
of the Emmy Award-winning Netflix animated series The Dragon
, with story by the creators of the series and of
the New York Times bestselling Through the Moon (The
Dragon Prince Graphic Novel