Black Memorabilia for the Kitchen

Edition number: 3
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:144 pages
Size:228x152 mm
Weight:907 g
Illustrations: 355 color photos
Long description:
An avid group of loyal collectors, spanning generations and races, cant get enough of these rare and quirky antiques. Now in its fourth edition, this indispensable field guide provides many additional objects and completely updated values for a culinary tour of popular kitchen collectibles featuring black characterizations. The captions and text contain information about the sizes and approximate dating of the hundreds of pieces shown, and give tips on avoiding the fraudulent reproductions that increasingly plague the market. Items illustrated and documented include cookie jars, cups and glasses, decanters, linens, salt and pepper sets, spoon rests, platters, string holders, wall pockets, hot pads, note holders, plaques, teapots, pitchers, cookbooks, and a host of other products and advertising. Additionally, an entire chapter is devoted to the ever-popular advertising icon Aunt Jemima.