Biotechnology Fundamentals Third Edition

Biotechnology Fundamentals Third Edition

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Publisher: CRC Press
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Short description:

Biotechnology Fundamentals, Third Edition provides a complete introduction of biotechnology to students taking biotechnology or life science courses and offers a detailed overview of the fundamentals to anyone in need of comprehensive information on the subject.

Long description:

Written by an acclaimed expert, Biotechnology Fundamentals, Third Edition, breaks down the fundamentals of this discipline and highlights both conventional and modern approaches unique to the industry. The revised work presents new information on forensic science, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, biosimilars, and regenerative medicine. In addition to recent advances and updates relevant to the previous edition, the revised work also covers ethics in biotechnology and discusses career possibilities in this growing field.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Biotechnology 2. Genes and Genomics 3. Proteins and Proteomics 4. Recombinant DNA Technology 5. Microbial Biotechnology 6. Plant Biotechnology 7. Animal Biotechnology 8. Environmental Biotechnology 9. Medical Biotechnology 10. Nanobiotechnology 11. Product Development in Biotechnology 12.Trends in Biotechnology 13. Industrial Biotechnology 14. Ethics in Biotechnology 15. Careers in Biotechnology