Berne & Levy Physiology

Berne & Levy Physiology

Edition number: 8
Publisher: Elsevier
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No. of pages:864 pages
Size:276x216 mm
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Illustrations: Approx. 700 illustrations (700 in full color)
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Pairing necessary detail with concise readability, Berne & Levy Physiology, 8th Edition, provides a perfect balance of content to deliver an in-depth understanding of the body's dynamic processes. Long respected for its scientifically rigorous approach, this highly regarded, mid-size text offers essential physiology with integrated coverage of biophysics andkey experimental observations and examples-all designed to provide a solid scientific foundation in physiology for future scientists and clinicians. 

Table of Contents:

Cellular Physiology The Nervous System Muscle The Cardiovascular System The Respiratory System Gastrointestinal Physiology The Renal System The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems