Architect?s Guide to MicroStation

Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream
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No. of pages:512 pages
Size:250x150 mm
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A fabulous frozen treat for every week of the year

If you're looking for new ice cream flavor sensations, this cookbook is just what you need. It gives you a year's worth of delectably different recipes for your ice cream maker??from Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to Green Tea Gelato.

Long description:
After AutoCAD, Microstation is the second most used computer?aided design software on the market. And for a growing number of CAD specialists and designers, Microstation is getting the nod thanks to its high degree of usability and specialized functions suited to the building design process. This will be the first book to cover all of the new features of Microstation due to be released in January 1998. It will compile information about all Microstation features used by architects in one convenient reference.

Includes CD?ROM with... A tutorial of all the modeling and animation steps from the book.