Anatomy for Beginners, A Live Autopsy, DVD: A series of anatomy lessons
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Anatomy for Beginners, A Live Autopsy, DVD

A series of anatomy lessons
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Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Prof. John A. Lee take a journey through the human body in front of a live audience. To show the mechanics of the human body, Dr. Gunther von Hagens performs the autopsy while Prof. John A. Lee analyzes the complex design. Each program focuses on a different function. Starting with movement, followed by circulation and reproduction. The 200 minute long, four-part series of anatomy classes aims to reveal exactly how the human body functions. It presents an informative and fascinating anatomy lesson from the brain to the toes and takes viewers on a tour of the inner body. Four lessons:
Movement: Demonstration of muscles, skin, tendons, bones and the nervous system.
Circulation: Functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems are revealed.
Digestion: Explore the functions of the organs that digest our food.
Reproduction: Dissection of the reproductive systems of a woman and a man.