An Introduction to Transnational Criminal Law

An Introduction to Transnational Criminal Law

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Publisher: OUP Oxford
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National borders do little to prevent trafficking in illegal goods, but often hamper the efforts of the authorities in pursuit. In this new edition Boister examines whether too much focus on suppressing criminality, and not enough on protecting human rights and the rule of law, has prevented efforts to create an effective transnational legal space.

Long description:
National borders are permeable to all types of illicit action and contraband goods, whether it is trafficking humans, body parts, digital information, drugs, weapons, or money. Whilst criminals exist in a borderless world where territorial boundaries allow them to manipulate different markets in illicit goods, the authorities who pursue them can remain constrained inside their own jurisdictions.
In a new edition of his ground-breaking work, Boister examines how states must cooperate to tackle some of the greatest security threats in this century so far, analyses to what extent vested interests have determined the course of global policy and law enforcement, and illustrates how responding to transnational crime itself becomes a form of international relations which reorders global political power and becomes, at least in part, an end in itself.
Arguing that transnational criminal law is currently geared towards suppressing criminal activity, but is not as committed to ensuring justice, Boister suggests that it might be more strongly influenced by individual moral panics and a desire for criminal retribution than an interest in ensuring a proportional response to offences, protection of human rights, and the preservation of the rule of law.

Review from previous edition Throughout the book, Boister engages with serious issues, from the various legality and legitimacy concerns inherent in the way that transnational criminal norms are created, to the significant extent to which the architecture of the system minimizes and sometimes undermines the protection of human rights ... Ultimately the greatest contribution of this book may not simply be the shedding of light on a largely under examined field of law, but highlighting the importance of the examination itself. In this way, Boister has cast down a gauntlet, one that is well worth taking up.
Table of Contents:
What is Transnational Crime?
What is Transnational Criminal Law?
Piracy and Maritime Safety Offences
Slavery and Human Trafficking
Migrant Smuggling
Drug Trafficking
Transnational Organized Crime
Money Laundering
Environmental Crimes
Firearms Trafficking
Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property
Emerging Transnational Crimes
International Law Enforcement Cooperation
Legal Assistance
Asset Recovery
Extradition of Transnational Criminals
Implementation and Compliance
The Future Development of Transnational Criminal Law