An Introduction to European Law
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An Introduction to European Law

Edition number: 4
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Short description:

This succinct introduction uses a precise style, clear structure, and engaging narrative approach to inspire a sophisticated understanding of the subject. Schütze breaks down the core material required for study of EU law, and equips students to continue their learning with an analytical eye.

Long description:
Offering the most thought-provoking introduction to EU law.

Written in a highly readable narrative style, the book provides students with a succinct yet sophisticated analysis of the core aspects of the subject, while also equipping them with the tools for further exploration. Figures and tables clarify complex ideas and processes, and a guide to finding and reading EU judgments offers valuable practical support. This carefully structured guide brings clarity to a broad and multifaceted subject.

With accessible prose, rock-solid structure, and deep engagement with doctrine, Schütze walks the thin line between legal detail and broad narrative of integration with poise. A Cosmic Jackpot for a novice and a seasoned lecturer of European Union law
Table of Contents:
Union Institutions
Union Legislation
Union Competences
Fundamental Rights
Direct Effect
(Legal) Primacy
National Actions
European Actions
Internal Market: Goods
Internal Market: Persons
Competition Law: Cartels
Union Policies: Overview