Along Interstate-75, 21st Edition: The

Along Interstate-75, 21st Edition

The "must have" guide for your drive to and from Florida
Publisher: Mile Oak Publishing Inc.
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No. of pages:204 pages
Size:234x95x158 mm
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Along Interstate-75 , from Detroit to the Florida Border. Interstate-75 is the main route for the millions of Midwestern "snowbirds" who drive to and from Florida each winter . . . and the current edition of Along I-75 is the "must have" guide for the trip. Whether a first-timer or one who has driven the route for many years, the book is packed with local information along the way, a culmination of more than 50 years of the author's Florida-bound I-75 driving experience. Getting there is half the fun—local knowledge, "insider" and money saving tips, lodging & restaurant recommendations, and mile-by-mile roadside stories and entertainment. Each of the book's 25 mile-per-page colored strip-maps takes an average of 30 minutes to drive, providing a sense of pacing for your trip—excellent for planning your night stops while on the route. The two sets of custom-designed maps (south and northbound) are intuitive and very easy to use, even for non-map readers. Each "fits" your direction of travel so landmarks and features drawn on the right side of the map, pass on the right side of your car. Designed with in-car use in mind, the book has a laminated wrap-around cover and book mark flap. A concealed plastic spiral binding allows the book to be easily folded back to display the current road-section map. Completely updated every odd numbered year, Along I-75 contains no advertising or commercial content. Each current edition of the book has a "reader's only" website where major updates to the book's information are posted. Also includes updated and downloadable replacement maps and pages for the book. The book features: ;78 colored 25 mile road strip maps (39 for each direction of travel) ;106 colored maps (side-trips and towns) and 196 colored photos ;67 b&w maps and photos ;105 charts and diagrams ;72 restaurant and money-saving tips ;24 Special Interest reports
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This book is supported with a website which keeps the contents updated, once published. It includes a complete topical index