A Farm Life: Observations from Fields and Forests

A Farm Life

Observations from Fields and Forests
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No. of pages:128 pages
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Daryln Brewer Hoffstot and her husband moved from New York City to a farm in western Pennsylvania thirty-five years ago with the hope that they could build a life and raise a family there. This collection of more than twenty essays documents what they and their two children have experienced living in the country and learning about the natural world. With essays covering subjects from trees to plants to birds, bees, bugs, beavers, and chickens, Daryln pulls in local experts, professors, and naturalists to give background and expertise. Daryln is an astute observer who delights in discovering and sharing what she learns and deeply knows about the land on which she lives. Living and learning on the farm has strengthened her commitment to caring for and protecting the plants and animals that surround us.