Poverty and Development

Poverty and Development

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Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Table of Contents:
Part One: Conceptions of Poverty and Development
Why Poverty and Development?
Poverty and Inequality
Meanings and Views of Development
Agencies of Development
Part Two: Aspects and Causes of Poverty
Hunger and Famine
Diseases of Poverty
Poverty and Education
Unemployment and Making a Living
Population, Poverty and Development
Environmental Degradation and Sustainability
War and Armed Conflict
Part Three: Transformation and Development
Diversity in Pre-Capitalist Societies
Colonialism, Capitalism, Development
The Power of Colonial States
The Era of Development - A short history
Socialist Models of Development and the Rise of China
Part Four: Challenges for Development
Democratization, Governance, and Development
Rethinking Gender Matters in Development
Engineering for Development
New Directions and Challenges for Health and Development
Migration, Security, and Development
Part Five: Prospects for Development
Digital Technologies
City Life
Identity Politics and Clashing Cultures
Climate Change and the End of Development
Returning to the 'Great Transformation'
Poverty and Development: Prospects for the future