Political Geography ? A Critical Introduction: A Critical Introduction

Political Geography ? A Critical Introduction

A Critical Introduction
Publisher: Wiley?Blackwell
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No. of pages:312 pages
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Brings political geography to life--explores key concepts, critical debates, and contemporary research in the field.

Political geography is the study of how power struggles both shape and are shaped by the places in which they occur--the spatial nature of political power. Political Geography: A Critical Introduction helps students understand how power is related to space, place, and territory, illustrating how everyday life and the world of global conflict and nation-states are inextricably intertwined. This timely, engaging textbook weaves critical, postcolonial, and feminist narratives throughout its exploration of key concepts in the discipline.

Accessible to students new to the field, this text offers critical approaches to political geography--including questions of gender, sexuality, race, and difference--and explains central political concepts such as citizenship, security, and territory in a geographic context. Case studies incorporate methodologies that illustrate how political geographers perform research, enabling students to develop a well-rounded critical approach rather than merely focusing on results. Chapters cover topics including the role of nationalism in shaping allegiances, the spatial aspects of social movements and urban politics, the relationship between international relations and security, the effects of non-human actors in politics, and more. Global in scope, this book:
* Highlights a diverse range of globally-oriented issues, such as global inequality, that demonstrate the need for critical political geography
* Demonstrates how critiques of political geography intersect with decolonial, feminist, and queer movements
* Covers the Eurocentric origins of many of the discipline's key concepts
* Integrates advances in political geography theory and firsthand accounts of innovative research from rising scholars in the field
* Explores both intimate stories from everyday life and abstract concepts central to contemporary political geography

Political Geography: A Critical Introduction is an ideal resource for students in political and feminist geography, as well as graduate students and researchers seeking an overview of the discipline.