Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy: Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education

Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy

Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education
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Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy brings together a diverse selection of essays to examine the knowledge production crisis in higher education and the role that news media and technology play in this process.

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Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy brings together a diverse selection of essays to examine the knowledge production crisis in higher education and the role that news media and technology play in this process.

This text highlights the importance of radical pedagogy and critical media literacy to fight back and reclaim higher education as the battleground for democracy and the embodiment of citizenship. Using a global and social justice lens, it explores the transformative potential of critical media literacy in higher education. It also provides real examples of current critical media literacy practices around the globe and of successful experiences inside classrooms. In an era of fake news, this text fulfils the yearning for critical media literacy to permeate higher education by drawing together practitioners and scholars speaking to journalism students, teacher candidates, and to students, scholars, and activists across a variety of spaces in higher education.

This book will be a key resource for scholars, students, policymakers, community members and activists interested in education, politics, youth studies, critical theory, intersectionality, social justice and peace studies, activism, critical media literacy, communication, or media studies.

?Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy (Gennaro, Higdon, and Hoechsmann) is a timely and transformative guide to critical media literacy education in an era of fake news and media saturation. The collection dissects the complex world of contemporary media, exploring its profound impact on democracy, education, and society and shedding light on the hidden forces shaping our perceptions. Beyond analysis, the book serves as a rallying cry for change, emphasizing that critical media literacy is a pathway to individual and collective transformation. It underscores the vital role of education in bridging socialization, vocational training, and civic engagement, offering hope and practical solutions for the future of education. With diverse voices and perspectives, the book confronts the crisis in knowledge production within higher education, advocating for active, informed, and critical citizens who shape the narratives defining our world. It's an essential read for educators and activists concerned about the future of our society.?

Douglas KellnerProfessor Emeritus, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA


?Packed with insight and praxis-oriented roadmaps that merge media literacy and critical pedagogy in higher education, Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy: Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education sets the table for a rich dialogue on how post-secondary education can play a responsive role in these post-digital, neoliberal and neocolonial times.?

 Dr. Paul R. CarrProfessor and Chair-holder. Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and UNESCO Chair in Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education


?Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy: Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education offers crucial and diverse perspectives on the value of critical media literacy in higher education, particularly in our current moment. The editors have collected a powerful set of essays that explore a range of theoretical and practical models and interventions that situate critical media literacy education as a pivotal democratizing force that revitalizes civic life.?

Alison TropePh.D., Clinical Professor, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, University of Southern California


1. 25 Years of Critical Media Literacy: What Mattered then & What Matters now in Higher Education
2. Social Justice Is Not Possible Without Critical Media Literacy
3. Finding the ?edu? in educommunicación: In search of praxis in teacher education
4. Preparatory Courses for Graduate Programs and Digital Literacy During the Covid-19 Pandemic
5. Radical Education and the Abolitionist University
6. The Peruvian university: Will new models emerge from post-pandemic uncertainty?
7. Rethinking Disorder: Social Struggles, Direct Action, and Critical Pedagogy
8. Exploiting the News to Make Change: A Dynamic Model of Media Environments as Landscape For Understanding and Participating in the Digital Environment
9. Critical Media Literacy and the University as Medium: A Reflexive Social Epistemology
10. Reclaiming Media Education for the Environment: A Case for Critical Ecomedia Literacy in Professional Journalism Schools
11. The Anthropocene?s Epistemic Enclosure: Utilizing Ecomedia Literacy to Revive the Knowledge Commons
12. Rethinking Curriculums: How Critical Digital Literacy and Mandatory Composition Courses Collide
13. Theory as a ?Healing Place?: Critical Literacy, Media Production, and Minoritized Students
14. Teaching Podcasting in Ethnic Studies Classrooms: The Alchemist Manifesto Podcast, Digital Literacy Pedagogies and Lessons from Student Projects in and beyond the Global Pandemic 
15. Scratching the Surface: How Facebook Journalism Project Undermines Journalistic Integrity and Critical Media Literacy?
16. Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed as a Vehicle to Promote Critical Media Literacy 
17. ?I should not have to take a class that is so harmfully liberal again?: Radical Democracy and Preparing Transformative Teachers
18. The Road Ahead: Empowering Critical Thinkers and Digital Citizens