Language in Business, Language at Work

Language in Business, Language at Work

Kiadás sorszáma: 1st ed. 2018
Kiadó: Red Globe Press
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Terjedelem:343 oldal
Méret:235x155 mm
Súly:554 g
Illusztrációk: 80 Illustrations, black & white; 30 Tables, color
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This is a searching and comprehensive exploration of language use in the business world. Individual chapters cover different aspects of professional life and can be covered in any order, reflecting the overlaps and interconnections which exist in any organisational reality. Throughout the book, the authors analyse the real ways people interact with one another, and invite readers to reflect critically and choose the best communication strategy for their own situation.

Language and Business:

?        Combines linguistic theory with real business settings to show how and why language is important in day-to-day life, from hiring and firing to stakeholder and customer communication

?        Boasts a range of authentic case studies, recommended reading and a ?diversity corner' in every chapter where crucial aspects of gender and intercultural dynamics in the workplace are explored

       Comes with a companion website featuring further explanations and tasks for lecturers, video commentaries, editable slides and a testbank of questions.

Written by two experts in the field of professional communication and organisational discourse, this is a comprehensive interdisciplinary guide to language use in a wide variety of business and workplace contexts.  

Hosszú leírás:

Packed with contemporary examples from the business world, this is an exciting and engaging text which explains how language works in business, how to analyse it and how to use it in an informed and creative way.

The book is split into three parts, which look at business communication from corporate, management and employee perspectives. Wide-ranging in nature, it explores a variety of topics ranging from stakeholder communication and brand narratives to managing conflict and self-branding. Each chapter contains ample opportunity for readers to put new skills into practice, while case studies act as springboards for further discussion.

This is essential reading for students of both language and business-related disciplines, both during and beyond their studies. It is also an indispensable resource for teachers of business communication.

1. Language and business success
Part I: corporate perspectives
2. Communicating with  stakeholders
3. Branding
4. Digital PR
5. Talking to customers
6. Crisis communication
Part II: management perspectives
7. Leadership 
8. Change management
9. Managing conflicts 
10. Diversity and inclusion
Part III: employee perspectives
11. The language of recruitment 
12. Interviews in the workplace
13. Constructing employees
14. Using language in business, using language at work