Stylistic Deceptions in Online News

Journalistic Style and the Translation of Culture
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This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

This book demonstrates the central role played by the stylistic features of online news in constructing meaning and shaping cultural representations of people and places - in particular, France and Muslims/Islam. Taking the 2016 violent attack in Nice, France as a case study, Ashley Riggs analyses online news coverage of the attack from the UK, Spain, and Switzerland, three distinct linguistic and cultural spaces. An innovative mixed-methods approach, including content analysis and elements of translation criticism and comparative stylistics, is used to analyse this corpus, revealing the frequency and influence of stylistic devices found in online news and exploring how they help to shape reader interpretations.

Drawing conclusions about journalistic practices by place and interrogating the notions of 'European identity' and 'European journalism', Stylistic Deceptions in Online News reveals how stylistic features may vary according to both political leanings and national and regional contexts, and the influence these features have upon readers.

This book delves into media representations of Islamic terrorism in three Western societies (Britain, Spain and Switzerland) and analyses journalistic translation from a novel perspective. Combining cultural, linguistic and political approaches, the author demonstrates the important role played by the stylistic features of modality, alliteration and metaphor in the reproduction of stereotyped images of Muslims via news production and translation. A must-read for all those interested in journalistic translation, news media, and image studies.
Table of Contents:
List of Tables
1. Introduction
2. Terrorism in "European" News: What Role for Translation Studies?
3. Comparing British, Spanish and Swiss Societies: Politics, Social Attitudes, Language and the News
4. Analysis of Stylistic Features in British, Spanish and French-Language Swiss News
5. Comparative Conclusions
6. Stylistic Features of News as a Catalyst for Change? Lessons for Journalism, Translation Studies and "Europe"
Appendix: List of Articles in the Corpus