Rediscovering Stanislavsky

Rediscovering Stanislavsky

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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An interdisciplinary approach to Stanislavsky's theatre practice in sociocultural and political contexts and its legacy in the twenty-first century.

Long description:
Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938) was one of the most innovative and influential directors of modern theatre and his system and related practices continue to be studied and used by actors, directors and students. Maria Shevtsova sheds new light on the extraordinary life of Stanislavsky, uncovering and translating Russian archival sources, rehearsal transcripts, production scores and plans. This comprehensive study rediscovers little-known areas of Stanislavsky's new type of theatre and its immersion in the visual arts, dance and opera. It demonstrates the fundamental importance of his Russian Orthodoxy to the worldview that underpinned his integrated System and his goals for the six laboratory research studios that he established or mentored. Stanislavsky's massive achievements are explored in the intricate and historically intertwined political, cultural and theatre contexts of Tsarist Russia, the 1917 Revolution, the volatile 1920s, and Stalin's 1930s. Rediscovering Stanislavksy provides a completely fresh perspective on his work and legacy.

'Rediscovering Stanislavsky is more than a step back in history. It offers a fresh new look at one of the key masters of modern theatre, and it makes him relatable to those of us who create and study theatre today. This book is written by a scholar who is uniquely familiar with the key contemporary theatre practitioners, and their work, and who can relate history to today's theatre practices - both in the academia and at the premier international venues. Maria Shevtsova uncovers the secret behind Stanislavsky's unmatched influence by stressing his unparallelled versatility as actor, director, theatre manager and entrepreneur, musicologist, designer, technician, researcher, pedagogue, experimentalist, scholar and author. Stanislavsky, as depicted by Shevtsova, lived and breathed theatre, just as today he symbolizes it. Everyone who wants to fathom the meaning behind Stanislavsky's greatness must read this book!' Andrei Malaev-Babel, Florida State University and Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training
Table of Contents:
1. Context I; 2. Context II; 3. Actor; 4. Studio; 5. Director; Epilogue: legacy.