Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces

Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces

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Physical Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces, the first volume in the Developments in Physical & Theoretical Chemistry series, addresses the physical chemistry of gas transport and reactions across liquid surfaces. Gas-liquid interfaces are all around us, especially within atmospheric systems such as sea spry aerosols, cloud droplets, and the surface of the ocean. Because the reaction environment at liquid surfaces is completely unlike bulk gas or bulk liquid, chemists must readjust their conceptual framework when entering this field. This book provides the necessary background in thermodynamics and computational and experimental techniques for scientists to obtain a thorough understanding of the physical chemistry of liquid surfaces in complex, real-world environments.

  • Provides an interdisciplinary view of the chemical dynamics of liquid surfaces, making the content of specific use to physical chemists and atmospheric scientists
  • Features 100 figures and illustrations to underscore key concepts and aid in retention for young scientists in industry and graduate students in the classroom
  • Helps scientists who are transitioning to this field by offering the appropriate thermodynamic background and surveying the current state of research
Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Gas-Liquid Interfaces 2. Experimental Studies of Gas-Liquid Interfaces 3. Theoretical Studies of Gas-Liquid Interfaces 4. Gas-Liquid Interfaces in the Atmosphere 5. Vibrational Spectroscopy 6. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy 7. X-Ray Scattering 8. Atomic, Molecular, and Ionic Scattering 9. Microfluidics at the Gas-Liquid Interface 10. Interfacial Fluctuations 11. Simulations of Surfactants 12. Organic Liquid Surfaces 13. New Particle Formation and Growth 14. Heterogeneous Aerosol Chemistry 15. Single Particles 16. Air-Sea Exchange 17. Interfacial Photochemistry