The Landmark Library: The Settlement of the Pacific

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The Settlement of the Pacific
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No. of pages:228 pages
Size:200x135 mm
Illustrations: 35 integrated colour
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Tthe extraordinary sixty-thousand-year history of how the Pacific islands were settled.

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From an award-winning scholar, the extraordinary sixty-thousand-year history of how the Pacific islands were settled.

Thousands of islands, inhabited by a multitude of different peoples, are scattered across the vastness of the Pacific. The first European explorers to visit Oceania, from the sixteenth century on, were astounded and perplexed to find populations thriving so many miles from the nearest continents. Who were these people? Where did they come from? And how were they able to reach islands dispersed over such immense tracts of ocean?

In Voyagers, the distinguished anthropologist Nicholas Thomas charts the course of the seaborne migrations that populated the islands between Asia and the Americas. From the third millennium BC, the Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia and Melanesia were settled by Austronesian peoples of the western Pacific littoral. Later movements of Polynesian peoples took them even further afield, as far as Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Easter Island and - eventually - New Zealand, up to AD 1250.

Drawing on the latest research, including insights gained from linguistics, archaeology, and the re-enactment of voyages, Thomas provides a dazzling account of these long-distance migrations, the sea-going technologies that enabled them, and the societies that they left in their wake.


'Beautifully written, with spell-binding vignettes. An important, original contribution to our knowledge of life in the Pacific' Dame Anne Salmond.

'Intellectually sophisticated and clearly written, this first-rate study of the experience of the Pacific Islanders provides one of the best available studies of the nature of imperial contact and violence, and of the traumas they caused' Jeremy Black.

'Islanders is not only a fine work of scholarship but also a lucid and engrossing read' Rod Edmond.