Michigan Crosswords: Crosswords, Wordfinds, and More

Michigan Crosswords

Crosswords, Wordfinds, and More
Publisher: Blue River Press (US)
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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:228x6x152 mm
Illustrations: 12 b&w
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Puzzle fans across America have asked for more, so here it is: the second edition of Michigan Crosswords. This edition includes all new puzzles and trivia, plus more state history and fun facts than before. Puzzle topics include sports, government, big cities, rural hamlets, famous Michiganders, and more. Test your knowledge of Michigan and the people and places who made it famousfrom the home of the automotive industry to the Great Lakes to tulip festivals. Puzzles include crosswords, word searches, trivia, and more, and are appropriate for all ages. Whether youre a life-long resident of Michigan or just a curious tourist, this book will provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment and give the readers a fun, fact-filled look at the Great Lakes State.