Cognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition: Theories, Assessment and Pedagogy

Cognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition

Theories, Assessment and Pedagogy
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No. of pages:250 pages
Size:230x155 mm
Short description:

The series Trends in Applied Linguistics meets the challenges of the rapidly growing field of applied linguistics. In a very broad sense, applied linguistics is understoodby focusing on the application of theoretical linguistics to current problems arising in different contexts of human society. Given the interdisciplinary character of applied linguistics, the series includes cognitive, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic and educational perspectives.

The following topicsare included in the series:

  • Second language acquisition and the acquisition of additional languages
  • Bilingual and multilingual education
  • Language planning and language policy
  • Literacy skills
  • Second/foreign language pedagogy
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Language for specific purposes
  • Discourse analysis
  • Language testing and assessment
  • Child language
  • Language and gender
  • Pragmatics and rhetorics
  • Corpus analysis
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Research methodology in applied linguistics
  • Language and technology

Long description:

This book presents an in-depth interdisciplinary understanding of key cognitive factors as they relate to second and foreign language learning, teaching, and testing. In particular, critical reviews of these cognitive aptitudes draw on multiple perspectives from both applied linguistics and cognitive science.