The Cartier Tank Watch

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Created by Louis Cartier in 1917, the Tank watch is an icon of modern watchmaking. The refined design of this wristwatch, combining geometry and harmony, defines its strong identity. Immediately recognizable and always in step with the times, the Tank watch has been reinterpreted for more than a century through multiple variations that are forever faithful to the spirit of the original design, from the Tank Cintrée to the Tank Chinoise, and from the Tank Américaine to the Tank Française.

Featuring extensive archival documents along with previously unpublished photographs, this volume explores, through the passionate pen of a true connoisseur, the most significant Tank watches and their technical characteristics. The author also presents portraits of famous clients who, over time, have been seduced by this timeless timepiece.

Augmented with a chapter on new models created since 2017, this new edition offers a journey into the heart of the myth.